Workshop HEP: To create a website and make it accessible

This event is finished. To get information on future workshops, please contact The Houston Expat Pro’s Team.

To create a website is the first step toward a visibility that goes beyond your personal and professional networks. To create a website indexed in the main web search engines as Google and Bing is even better.
No need to spend a lot money or to be an online marketing expert to achieve those goals. If your website’s project is set from the start to be « search engine friendly », your efforts should quickly bear fruits.

Les intervenants :

Caroline Tchiakpe, graduated from The Duperre School of Applied Arts, worked as a webdesigner in France. She is one of the founders of Houston Expat Pro and the creator and webmaster of

Marie Winter, worked 10 years as a marketing manager for dot-coms in France and the UK. HEP’s member, she is responsible for the organization’s search engine strategy.