Here is the leadership team that constitutes Houston Expat Pro or HEP, a Texan non-profit organization:

President, Maylis Hopewell-Curie
Vice-president, Elodie Aquilanti
Treasurer, Maëlle Thiteux
Secretary, Gaelle de La Bourdonnaye

The board members are assisted by:

Our workshop and newsletter co-ordinator, Elodie Aquilanti
Our annual Spring event organiser, Kristiane Charrier et Elodie Aquilanti
Our webmaster, Elodie Aquilanti
Newsletter et emailing, Ambre Mabuma
Our social media expert, Véronique Eberhart

To the volunteers who worked with us in the past:

Thank you to all who shared with the HEP board their time and competencies:

Year 2017-2018: Caroline De Ville, Pauline Peschard, Hillary Roy
Year 2016-2017: Julie Audren-Etur,Florence Vitel and Adelaide Russell
Year 2015-2016 : Dorothée de Ribet, Delphine Rome and Caroline Tchiakpe
Year 2014-2015 : Virginie Houet, Cécile Derriennic and Pauline de Moucheron