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Storytime/ Theater for kids/
Reading aloud enthusiast/
Story teller



Description of Story Factory

Activities for kids through theater, storytelling and books.

Story Factory’s purpose is to promote reading et to highlight kid’s imagination and creativity through story telling.

Services de Story Factory

  • Theater workshop : afterschool
  • Story time : afterschool
  • Reading consultant
  • Storytelling
  • Kid’s show


Biography of Marie Legeay

Back in france, I used to be a comedian and a youth conselor. Story Factory is a way now to connect with my past experiences. After becoming a mom, I discover the world of picture books. And now, I’m a total addict to kid’s books! I have full suitcases coming from France, I’m following the specialist editors new releases and, obviously, I read plenty of stories to my kids who love this as much as I do!


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