Pauline’s Cuisine by Pauline Billy


As a Parisian mother of 2 beautiful kids, I felt that my life was a bit hectic when I got back to work after my second child was born. Still breastfeeding, full time working for a big corporation, taking care of the kids and the house alone when my husband was on business trip (feeling that I had not enough time to take care of myself…), running in the subway to get everything done on time…. And then still feeling that nothing was done correctly…

I realized that I needed some organization, especially for meal preparation, as I always want to know what is in my plate (especially my kids plate) and eat healthy.

Concept : Pauline’s Cuisine

When you have a little time to prepare a meal, you have to target the essential. It took me months to get the right organization between groceries, cooking meals and family time. But I managed it and now I want to share it with you to help you in your daily life.

Because when all the things go smoothly, you feel happy, no stress and ready to handle all your stuff. I want to be sure that you can achieve that state where you are free to do anything you want! Now, I am glad to share my recipe with you.


Pauline’s Cuisine is here to help you become your own chef in your kitchen. Wether you don’t know how to cook, you don’t have time cooking but still want to do it nor you are lacking creativity, I will come and coach you on finding the best solution for you (from grocery shopping, kitchen organization to cooking techniques & tips). Take a deep breath and call me when you are ready!


Pauline’s Cuisine by Pauline Billy
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