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“Flight of the Monarch”
2019 International Art Biennale at the Houston, Spring Street Studios Houston Art District. 

“Flight of the Monarch” is a thematic exhibition that parallels the characteristics and ploys of the Monarch butterfly to the creative toils, and the mission of an artist.

Dates: October 5th 2019 to January 11th 2020
Hours: Monday through Saturday 9am – 5pm
2nd Saturday of each month open 12- 7pm, closed on Sundays.
Opening:  Inaugural Reception Friday October 4th with City and Consular Officials.
Address:  1824 Spring St. Houston 77007.

Curator: Yvonamor Palix
Coordinator: Cheri Randolph
Assistant coordinators: Pauline De Moucheron, Dana Caldera


  • The Artists of Spring Street
  • Guest Artists
  • International Interior Designers (BeDesign, Anne Breux, Lucinda Loya, Mayita Garza Design Studio, Texture by G, Remanence Interiors) will create a vignette inspired by the art.
  • Houston Music ensembles will select compositions inspired by the art of the Biennial.
  • Fashion and Design Inspiration from the Biennial.
  • Gastronomy on opening night, a select group of caterers and chefs  will create exquisite bites inspired by an artwork of their choice: Artisans Bistro, Frida Valentina, Isabelle Legorreta, Soren Pederson, Wild Thyme Cuisine, Personal Chef.
  • Seminars, talks and round table discussions
  • The performance of “Las manos de la mariposa”/ the hands of the butterfly, a theatre production by Spanish Director Domingo Ferrandis.

Countries represented:

Argentina, Belgium, Cuba, Denmark, El Salvador, France, Great Britain, Holland,  India, Iran, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Rumania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, USA

Talks and Animations:

Saturday October 12th:

  • 3:00- 4:00 The Butterfly Talks”, a take on the Moth Talks):  United States Army Major and US Congress candidate Kelli Chevalier will speak about her book “From trauma to triumph” inspiring women.,
  • 4:30- 5:30 Butterfly talks continue with Indian Artist Janavi Mahimtura Folmsbee, Musician Nicole Kenley-Miller, Véronique Eberhart, French Life Coach. .

Saturday November 9th 

  • 1:30- 2:30 pm Ars Lyrica Houston and Houston Early Music Festival ensembles will perform music from Renaissance and  Baroque eras on various period instruments and present the instruments in a family friendly atmosphere.
  • 2:30- 3:30 pm “The Art Market” Talk moderated by Dana Caldera.  Speakers:  Rich Ferrante Director of the Dallas Contemporary Art Fair, Bryn Lars from Fotorelevance Gallery, Maria Chevez from ArtBox Gallery, Yvonamor Palix, Gallery Director, Art Curator.
  • 3:30- 4:30 pm “The Houston Art Scene and the rest of the world”, Talk moderated by Yvonamor Palix Speakers:  John Bernhard Artist and Art Editor, Dennis Nance Curator of the Galveston Arts Center, Artist Betirri Bengtson
  • 4:30- 6:00 pm -“Inspirational Design”, A walk through presentation by the selected designers who will create a small vignette inspired entirely by one or several artworks from the Biennale. Guest Designers:  BeDesign, Anne Breux, Geraldine Dyen from Texture by G Interior Design Studio, Mayita Garza Design Studio, Lucinda Loya, Delphine Rome Robert of Remanence Interiors.

Saturday December 14th : 2-4 pm

  • Dialogues + Action (non profits will gather to exchange ideas and methods for optimization of the associations. Plus member drives). TFAA, EFGH, HEP, PART, Choose to do INC, the W.A.V.E. Chronescolitisfondation (More to be announced on the website)

Saturday December 14th : 2-6 pm

  • Fashion Fusion, a select group of fashion gurus will propose their accessories and garments to the Houston public all inspired by the art. (Born Again Vintage, Odette’s Secret Closet, Kind Collective, Har.B.Art, Neckstrings.  (please consult the website for the complete list of vendors in December)
  • “Las Manos de la Mariposa” the hands of the butterfly Theatre production by Domingo Ferrandis to be played at 4th Wall Theatre (For dates and times please consult the website)
  • Nahual Project: University of Houston Brain Center headed by Dr. Jose Contreras Vidal and live Art Performance by Artist Geraldina Wise Iteriano. (For exact date and time please consult the website)

Saturday January 11th

  • 4-6 pm Happy Hour Houston Art World Mixer (Artists, Art collector’s, Art Associations, Art enthusiasts). 
    Closing of the exhibit.


Ars Lyrica, HoustonART Magazine, R.O.B.A., Houston Design Center, EFGH, TFAA, HEP, PART, Choose to do INC. Chronescolitisfondation, The Consular Corps of Houston.

We thank the following

Artisans Bistro, Frida Valentina Catering, Isabel Legorreta Catering, Soren Pederson Restaurant and Catering, Wild Thyme Cuisine- Private Chef.

Wines and inspired cocktails provided by Chateaux Bonnete.

Important Information:

For interviews, images and preview visits to the exhibit please contact Cheri Randolph, cherilee7@aol.com / (832) 563-9902. 
For information regarding the Art Talks please contact Dana Caldera at dana@danacaldera.com.
For information regarding the Design Inspiration exhibit please contact Pauline De Moucheron at  demoucheron@yahoo.fr
For information regarding the other events please contact Yvonamor Palix or visit ypalixart.com or email yvonamor@gmail.com
Private and corporate tours of the exhibit available, bookings through Cheri Randolph at cherilee7@aol.com

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