A children’s book : Elise, 7 years old and Expat


This book is the fruit born from an expat meeting in Houston, thanks to the friendship founded between two caring people, professionals and mothers, Virginie Houet and Corinne Feuillet Luca. The idea for this children’s book took roots in their common need to speak heart to heart to expat kids, via their creativity. The two authors wanted to go straight to what is important for them: how to feel good despite all these changes and leaving friends and family? How to deal with all these moves, imposed, never anticipated nor decided by the children themselves? How can you allow yourself to take the best of this global nomad expat life and enjoy it? How could you juggle between harsh loss and happy discoveries?

The strong desire to talk about expat children’s’ intimate emotional world came out from their concrete life experience as each of them live a life of expat nomad family. As a duo, combining their inspirations and talents, they produced a children’s book that offers understanding, comfort and hope through the words and illustrations. As they follow Elise, the young readers will find in themselves those special places full of the imagination’s freedom and inner richness. Those secure inner spots will help them to navigate their citizens of the world life with openness, curiosity and accepting differences.

Houston had the chance to be the meeting place of the two authors, Virginie Houet and Corinne Feuillet Luca. They worked closely together in this town on this project. And during this Texan year Virginie Houet had the time to create something else too: the organization Houston Expat Pro. Then she had to move, too early for her taste but she always followed from afar HEP’s adventures. Corinne Feuillet Luca stayed in Houston, and they managed to work from a distance. You may already know her work as an illustrator, as she shows at every HEP market, starting from the first one.

Do not hesitate to share the pleasure of this inspiring children book, it will sure take the big and the small on a lovely emotional stroll!

Adélaïde Russell



The book, released in France, Belgium and Switzerland on January 10th 2017, is available in bookstores and on amazon.fr, fnac.com, decitre.fr, librairiesflammarion.fr, cultura.com, gilbertjoseph.com, etc… In Belgium, at fr.fnac.be, belgiqueloisirs.com and chapitre.be. The book will come out in paperback format in the US (already in Kindle on Amazon.com) and in Canada on February 21st, 2018.