Building Results Together, Dr. Isabelle Ait-Chalalet


Psychologist, Coach and Educator

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
Life Coach & Educator
People who work with me want result in their personal and professional life. What results do you need in order to move forward?
My clients are highly motivated people who want transformation. It’s the young adult in transition, the adolescent building self-leadership skills, the expat families trying to adjust, parents who feel disconnected from their child, the autistic brain developing social skills, the divorcees rebuilding themselves, and much more!!
What about you? How can I help you?

Services offered by Dr. Isabelle Ait-Chalalet

Service 1: Coaching Package

Brand your Best Possible Self: helps you develop your unique personal brand based on your personality, strengths, and values. The result is the formulation of your brand in the form of a mission statement.
Manage your Career: helps: you become your own Chief Executive Officer (CEO) through learning and applying a proven system to organize your employability skills.

Service 2: Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can bring out (1) the possibilities and resources that reside within you and, (2) to tap into your natural human potential for growth regardless of the challenges you endure. Sharing your story will help you experience hope; a vital emotion for healing and wholeness.

Service 3: Life Coaching

Coaching focuses on helping you resource your life expertise so you can build the result you want in all your life transitions. Your mindset will expand to where things are possible and different from what is holding you back. You will create an action plan with concrete goals that fit your lifestyle, visions, and value.


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I am a native Parisian who has lived the expat life for over 15 years. In Europe and Canada, I worked in engineering corporations as an editor, technical and multimedia writer. Then, I went back to school at 33 years old!! It was now or never! Initially, I worked part time in an elementary school while pursuing my studies. In 2007 I moved to Houston after marrying a Texan while living in Canada. As a result, I pursued another master in psychology, became a licensed professional counselor, and a licensed marriage & family therapist in the State of Texas, and earned a Doctorate of Education in Professional Leadership with an emphasis in Health Sciences Education at the University of Houston. In parallel, I practiced at the Monarch Institute for Neurological Differences to help families help their adolescents and young adults transition into adulthood.