Bonjour & Bienvenue – Axelle Bouleau


Bonjour et Bienvenue is a French Cultural Center who welcomes you for French class and a French Cultural experience.

Bonjour & Bienvenue Services

French Language Classes: French language classes (group classes and private tutorials) for all levels and ages following a new approach specifically designed to be fun and flexible.

French Cultural Classes: cultural classes to get you immersed in French culture from customs & traditions to geography, history, the arts, gastronomy and much more.

Cooking classes: to discover and enjoy French gastronomy and language through traditional French recipes.

Academic support for native French students: private, or group classes for native French students who need to keep up with their French learning while abroad.

Cultural immersion: multi-media library (books, DVD’s, CD’s, magazines etc.) cultural events, parties, exhibitions, and more.

Support: corporate workshops, translation, student immersion, special projects and party planning.

Entrepreneurs:  We provide a platform for French entrepreneurs, artisans and artists to get access to the Houston and US markets by working with them on the best marketing and advertising strategies to succeed and helping with design and creation of targeted marketing collaterals.


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Biography of Axelle Bouleau – President

Founder and President, Axelle Bouleau launched Bonjour & Bienvenue with a clear mission in mind:  making French language and culture accessible to all.  Born in the Western part of France, Brittany, Axelle has lived abroad in Australia, Fiji, the USA, Qatar, the UAE and the UK.  During this time overseas she realized how much demand and interest there was in the French language and culture, yet she also heard about the lack of opportunities for people who wanted to learn French in an efficient yet fun and simple way and enjoy French culture in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Equipped with a Masters of Art in a foreign language she decided to put her skills and knowledge of the linguistic learning process to create a proven innovative method which allows for a fun and engaging learning experience of modern authentic French. Her many years spent as an international expatriate allow her to relate closely to her clients who come from all horizons and nationalities by understanding their needs and concerns in their French learning journey.  As an expatriate mother, she is also particularly aware of the issue relating to French native children needing access to the right programs and support to maintain and progress in their French learning process while abroad.